Regulators 2.0

Abort Dragon Mission: To Craigmaw Keep

Knowing that Venomfang would be difficult to tackle, Zakter summoned Aziz the imp to aid us. We tried to walk up to Venomfang’s tower, but a cloud of poison gas overtook us and we retreated to Reidoth’s abode.

We took a short rest to recover before deciding that we wanted to sweep through the rest of Thunder Tree. After clearing out the tavern in the Northwest of Thundertree, we decided to make for Craigmaw Keep instead of fighting the dragon. When we asked the imp to help us scout the dragon tower, we realized that there were two dragons there.

Reidoth teleported us to Craigmaw Keep. Draevar guided us around back, and we went in through the ruined side of the keep. Once inside, there was some weird religious shit going on. Alters, carvings in stone walls of angels fighting demons, and goblin priests. Land squids ambushed us in the dark.

Map of Craigmaw Keep:



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