Regulators 2.0

Meeting the Black Spider

We heard some voices coming from behind a stone door. They were speaking in Goblin about how hungry they were. We had Korgeth knock on the door and tell them we had food for them. A bugbear opened the door, and we were able to explain how we had slain Grol. Rara wore the bracers of Grol, and Korgeth was the new leader of Craigmaw Keep.

The bugbears let us in and after some conversation, agreed to swear fealty to Korgeth. Five bugbears joined our party. They informed us that more bugbears were searching the caves to the north, and that the Black Spider was in a temple in the northwest section of the caves.

We first headed to the north to gather more bugbears for our party. Four more bugbears were at the site, and now we had 10 bugbears in total including Korgeth. We took our party to the temple to confront the Black Spider.

In the temple we found the Black Spider, two of his bugbear bodyguards, and an unconscious dwarf. Things turned confrontational, and a fight broke out. Giant Spider’s began to drop from the ceiling to defend their master. As soon as the fight started, however, the Black Spider turned invisible and we never saw him again. We were victorious in fighting off the spiders, and one of the bugbears who had turned traitor on us. At this time, Korgeth and his bugbear warband left to watch the entrance of the cave. Korgeth was going to watch to entrance to make sure the Black Spider did not escape.

The Black Spider had gotten away, but all of his notes were on a table in the room. We read the notes and discovered that the Black Spider had not found the Spell Forge yet. Apparently, the caves were infested with undead. There was also a fungus filled room choked with a green cloud that they could not pass through.

Next, we spoke with the unconscious dwarf after we woke him up. He turned out to be Nundro, the brother of Gundren. We brokered a deal where we would clean out the caves for him, and he would give us 35% of the profits from the mines in return. Terrific!

So… we lockpicked a door to get into an adjacent room and we discovered another Nundro in the room. We asked the new Nundro some questions to try and figure out who the real Nundro was. As soon as the party grew suspicious of the old Nundro, the old Nundro ambushed us. The fake Nundro almost got away, but Aiwendil was able to catch him by summoning his spirit bear. When we killed the fake Nundro, he turned into a lithe grey humanoid that had no face. On the shapeshifter’s body, we discovered a jeweled dagger similar to the one that was in Gundren’s chest.

The real Nundro told us that there was one more shapeshifter around. More importantly, this Nundro knew where the Spell Forge was. This Nundro, however, was much more stingy about striking a business deal and only offered us 20%, but we also had to do less work. Nundro just wanted an escort to Phandalin in exchange for giving us 20%. We agreed and started escorting him to the entrance of the cave.

As we approached the entrance of the cave, Norbeck cast invisibility on Nundro just in case the bugbears would want to harm Nundro. At the entrance, an angry Korgeth refused to let us leave the cave until the Black Spider had been slain. Norbeck lied about going to town to pick something up and coming right back, but Korgeth still would not let us pass. Norbeck offered to go alone and leave the party here so that Korgeth knew he was not lying. Korgeth agreed.

Norbeck and the invisible Nundro left the cave alone, and the rest of the party was left in the cave facing a warband of 10 bugbears.



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