Regulators 2.0

Siege on Craigmaw Keep

We interrogated Siglem the goblin priest to learn that Grol, a bugbear, was the King of Craigmaw Keep. It seemed like the Craigmaws had kidnapped Gundrun after all, and that they were involved with the Black Spider somehow. Siglem said that he did not speak to the Black Spider, it’s possible that the Black Spider is not in Craigmaw Keep.

We met Owlbears. They get two attacks per turn, and they hit pretty hard. They were hitting for 10+ damage each time. Norbeck stepped in front of Rara while Rara was on the ground, and took a hit from the Owlbear to save Rara’s life.

We may have found Sildar Hallwinter’s sword.



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