Regulators 2.0

Wave Echo CaVE

We started the night in Grol’s room when a bunch of Stirges came to feed on the corpses of our enemies. We threw all the corpses into the hallway so that the Stirges wouldn’t bother us, and then went to sleep.

The next day, we started our journey back to Phandalin. Once we arrived, several of us wanted to finish a few tasks before heading out. Zakter collected 3 healing potions from the Sister for talking to Agatha the Banshee. We spent the day in Tressindor Manor, and then headed out to Wave Echo Cave.

In Wave Echo Cave, we found the corpse of what we believe to Gundrun’s brother. There was evidence of a dwarven mining operation, but nobody was to be seen. On the corpse of Gundrun’s brother, we found a pair of Boots of Striding. The only life we initially ran into was a Black Pudding that ambushed us from the cave walls.

Draevar dove into a pool of water after we spotted a skeleton in the water. On the skeleton, Draevar found four platinum rings, and a Wand of Magic Missiles.

We ended that night as we approached a set of stone doors. We could hear some goblins complaining of their hunger from behind the door, so we devised a plan for Korgath to lure them out by offering them food.



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