Guild Bank


6 vials from Wyvern Tor
1 Frog Statute from Goblin Cave
Golden Necklace w/ large clear emerald
Chest with 3 clear gems from Dragon Cultists in Thundertree

Loot from Craigmaw Keep:
Golden Chalice (held by Norbeck)
Adorned Knife
Religious Censor
Box with Golden Designs
Heavy Crossbow
Fine Quarterstaff (very light, held by Rara)
Cask of Very Fine Dwarven Brandy
Hallwinter’s Long Sword (Aiwendil gave it back to Sildar, but party does not know this yet)
1x Vial from Grol’s room
Fine Greatsword, from Grol’s body
2x Half-Plate
Finely Crafted Dagger from Gundre’s body (held by Norbeck)
Finely Crafted Dagger from Shapeshifter— (held by Norbeck)
Gundren’s Gold Teeth (held by Norbeck)
3x Healing Potions from the sister in Phandalin (held by Zakter)
16x small gems (from Black Spider’s room)
Vial of Unknown Liquid (from Black Spider’s Room)

Wave Echo Cave
2x Barrels of Black Powder (1/2 pin each)
4x Platinum Rings (70g each)
3x large clear gems from the Wraith
Wooden Pipe with inlaid platinum filigree from the Wraith (held by Blint)

George’s Share being held in the bank:

Guild Bank

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