Regulators 2.0

Two Blints is a Bad Time

We got to a room in the Northeast corner of the keep, and overheard someone talking about the Black Spider. We tried smoking the enemies out of the room using the eversmoking bottle, but they Aiwendil and Norbeck pulled a goblin train.

Our party split up with one group rescuing Aiwendil, and the other group guarding the door where we suspected King Grol was hiding. Unfortunately, a magical darkness enveloped the group that was guarding the barred door and we were ambushed. By the time the Aiwendil rescue group returned, it was complete chaos.

There were two Blints fighting and we had no idea why. One of the Blints managed to run away. In the aftermath, we found Gundrun in the room that caused all this trouble to begin with.



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