Regulators 2.0

Unkillable Zombies

We talked Korgeth into having four of his bugbear warriors accompany us back into Wave Echo Cave to search for the Black Spider. Norbeck came back to join the party, after he gave Nundro a pick and some rations to aide him in his journey back to Phandalin. We also found out that the matching jeweled daggers held by Norbeck were Daggers of Messaging. When a person talks into one dagger, the person holding the other dagger can receive the message. With our newly found communication devices, we proceeded back into the depths of Wave Echo Cave.

First, the Bugbears told us about a spot where the Black Spider believed a hidden artifact was hidden below the surface of the ground. The Black Spider was correct, and we found a pair of Gauntlets of Ogre Strength. Next, we punked some undead and continued on our journey. Eventually, we arrived at a room with a green flaming skull and a buttload of zombies.

The green flaming skull scorched three of the bugbear warriors with one fireball, splashed us with a flaming sphere, and continued to pelt us with magic missiles. The zombies seem to revive when ever we kill them. The good news is that the zombies can’t seem to leave the room. There is some sort of invisible magical barrier that keeps the contained in the room.

The night ended when we decided that we have had enough of unkillable zombies and chose to retreat. Unfortunately, the party was split up during the retreat. Half the party was in one hallway, separated from the rest of the group by the room containing the unkillable zombies.



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